Your Success is Not Everything You May Want

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Is Success everything for you? You are what you are today by what you have achieved or not achieved so far. Isn’t that a common thing you must have heard very often? Just like you I wanted to be successful as well. Just like you I wanted success in everything I do. I too wanted to score on every ball I faced.

Unfortunately I have seen failure in most occasions, may be just like many of you. When I look back at the years which have passed I realize failure is not about not being able to achieve what you wanted to achieve. It is beyond any achievement. It least matters whether you have achieved what you wanted to achieve or not.  Your success or your failure could just be your destiny.

With so many failures in life, failure no longer haunts me. What matters most to me is whether my journey to my road to success/failure was good or bad and whether I tried everything possible in a right manner to reach my goal. If my journey was Good, I am ready to accept many more failures in life. I will accept it with dignity and perhaps more pride. 

I have now realized that some failures are better than success. Success comes at a cost. Success comes after sacrifice. Sometimes we do not realize that we have sacrificed so much for a success which it did not deserve. We hurt our loved ones so much for our success that we just forgot that this success was eventually to be celebrated with them only. Is your success worth all the sacrifice? 

Success or failure could be a part of destiny which you or me have no control over. Something we have control over, is the journey to the road of success. Make sure that you enjoy your journey to the road of achievements. Make sure no man is hurt by your passion for success because this is something we have control over and this is something which will be called as memory when you look back some years from now.

Success or failure, let the memory be good. The only way to have this is to give your best shot and make sure all the sacrifice done are worth the success or failure you may deem to receive. Nothing is permanent, neither success nor failure. We want success for good memories.

For me today the road to my mission is more important than success or failure itself because with so many failures in life, I know for sure if the journey is good then I will not only enjoy my success but also have no regrets over any failure.


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