My Encounter With Truth

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This is not a rag to riches story. This is a short incident of my life. This is my confrontation with Truth. I remember myself as a fresh graduate looking for a good job. Any company I join would have the first name on my bio data all through my life. Of course as any newcomer I wanted to get into a good company.  Fresh Blood, Compassionate, Excited about work, my search for job landed me in a Courier Company as an accountant. Not the best of job as per the company it was, but it was still kind of the man who selected me knowing that I didn’t possess any experience which means all trial and error from my end would begin in his company and he might incur loss at times because of this.

I must admit I have not worked as hard as I had worked over there in any other organization till date. I gained the trust of the owner due to my hard work and determination. Although I knew he trusted me a lot he still didn’t consider me an ideal employee as I didn’t take any initiative.  I was afraid as I knew initiatives come at a cost. I didn’t want to leave this job until another job was lined up for me. Being a very small Courier company it was hard for hard work to go unnoticed.

I was handed several thousands to deal with which in the beginning I found surprising but then I got used to it. Just within 2 months from my joining the owner had to leave the city as there was some problem with the other branch which was in another city. I don’t correctly remember but I think they had some 6 branches across the city. I was placed in Mumbai City.

The owner left the city for around 10 days (again I don’t remember the exact days) leaving the entire responsibility of the shop on the shoulders of the guy with only few months experience. I was happy he trusted me. He handed me the required money to take care of the operations till the day he was away.  My job wasn’t difficult at all but 14-16 working hours and responsibility of the shop and money was something difficult.

Few days passed (not very smoothly of course) and I realized that I was not able to keep any count for the money which was being spent.  The shipment had to be collected from the airport. The Driver had to be paid. (Not the pilot but our jeep driver) The delivery guys had to be paid.  The bills were to be dealt with. There were calls to be attended. The Delivery guys were to be allocated areas and their shipment.  At times I felt they enjoyed the separation from the owner as this allowed them some freedom but things were not easy for me.

Days passed on until I realized that amidst all the work I was not able to maintain records of the expenses after the first few days. Although I didn’t even have a tea at the company expense even though I was allowed for some petty expenses. May be I just wanted to go beyond being fair and be the most trusted. I still believe most newcomers have these feelings in them which I must say fades away with time and growing experience.

To add to my misery I even lost 500 rupees while handling the money. All I have to say that I was careless about it. Not because it was not my money but because it was the way I dealt with things at that time. Several years have passed to that lost 500 rupees but I still don’t know if someone present at that time stole it or it fell outside from the window and vanished. The table at which I was counting the money was very near the big open window. This money was almost 20%percent of my salary at that time.

The arrival day for my owner finally came. I had carried the accounts book home the last night so that I could sit the whole night and give him the record of the expenses.  I only ended up banging my head as it was not possible for me to remember each and every day expenses to give him a record.  I went to sleep without the task incomplete as I knew I could only end up wasting my time,

Finally the day light made way and even my boss. He didn’t look in good mood when I just entered the office. Without any greetings he inquired about the expenses record. In fact he was searching for the record book only to know by me that I had carried it home.

He went through the initial few pages which were the only one I had maintained. With my heart beat at peak I told him that I had not maintained any records of the expenses and I can’t tell him how I had spent his thousands of rupees.

I was ready for the worse to come. Ready to see what the BOSS exactly is made up of.  The Boss had a reputation of being little strict, very short tempered and money minded. He had told me in the past how people cheated him when he was a newcomer and now nobody can dare manage to get away with a penny in his presence. All these thoughts rolled over my mind while I confronted this cruel truth to him. To my surprise he wasn’t angry at all. He set up for his other work immediately after hearing what I said. My heart beat regained normal pace and I started thanking God for the owners surprise behavior.

I was happier than before because of the fact that I was able to win his trust in just a few months which the existing employee’s couldn’t manage in years.  Suddenly I remembered about the 500 rupee amount lost by me. I thought for a while to keep quiet as I didn’t want to make him remember about the expenses and give him a mind swing. It could be dangerous for me. Making him remember may just turn out to be like lighting fire to his silenced mood. Also I didn’t want to loose the money for no fault of mine. Again I also thought I truly deserve much more than just 500 for the kind of extra efforts and time I had put in while he was away.

I was fortunate, that my good thoughts were dominant over the bad thoughts and I went up to him and confessed the truth and promised him to return the 500 Rupees once I receive my salary. There were no mood swings and he was happy that I confronted the truth to me although I could have easily skipped it.

I kept my promise. I returned his money and this truth is my memory now to be shared amongst anyone who reads this.


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