Dynamite Warrior- The Rockets fly, so does the warrior.

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The dynamite warrior is a must watch movie for all. The movie is set in Thailand during the times of industrial revolution. Thailand has just entered world trade. Known for its very high grade of rice it becomes a booming rice exporter. Rice cultivation becomes the biggest thing in there. But, there is shortage of farm animals to do the tilling. At this time the buffalo traders are doing brisk business selling animals at high prices.

The hero Jone Bang Fai is some sort of a robinhood among the farmers. He robs the traders of their buffaloes and gives them to the farmers. But he has some other mission in his mind. When he was a child a buffalo trader had killed his parents while stealing buffaloes from them. And the now grown up Bang Fai is searching for his parent’s killer for revenge.

The most interesting part of the movie is the way Bang Fai fights. He is an expert rocket maker as well as a martial arts guru. He attacks riding on a rocket just as anyone would ride a ski. Rockets are his main weapons. So, he is aptly named the dynamite warrior.

The movie also deals with black magicians- as usually one bad and the other good. They have their own fight and Bang Fai gets involved somehow.

Then there is the evil Lord Waeng who wants to be rich selling tractors at high prices to the farmers. But, since one tractor costs as much as ten buffaloes there are no takers from among the poor farmers. So he devises an evil plan. He appoints a fugitive to kill all buffalo traders in the country and capture their buffaloes. In turn he sends the buffaloes to slaughter houses. Then the farmers have no options other than buy a tractor or else die.

It is in this scenario the movie advances. You must watch the movie to find out more.


The movie is pure action. You won’t have a moment without action. Neither will you wish to miss any moment of action in the movie. The dynamite warrior is not a super hero. Rather, he achieves super hero like moves using rockets tactfully.

The movie itself starts with an action packed fight. You can find out to what extent martial art movies can progress to.


The movie doesn’t lack comedy either. There comedy in the beginning. When the dynamite warrior shouts to the traders to leave their shirts and buffaloes and flee, one of the traders just rips open his shirts and asks what to do with his pants. Scenes like this are abound.
I found the scene about the hero’s girlfriend reaching her menstruating periods very funny. The dynamite warrior constantly pesters when she is going to menstruate. A very outrageous and foolish query to a girl indeed! Then when she gets angry he watches her over and over again to check out if she menstruates or not. It may appear offensive to some but I found it funny. And menstrual blood has so much powerful properties!!

The Lord Waeng has a really funny role. You will like how he moves and especially his hairstyle.


The greatest tragedy in this movie was the hero not being able to differentiate the good from the bad. He falls into the traps of an evil magician and goes against his benefactor- the good magician. Then when he realizes his fault the damage has been done. The good one dies.

This tragic plot in the movie is not quite obvious from the beginning. Though it may seem much familiar, yet, you will enjoy the plot.


The movie has a scant amount of this. But, no matter the hero and his girlfriend make a quite good pair.


* the adrenaline pumping action sequences. Especially the one in which Bang Fai fights the good magician.

* the comedy sequences towards the middle part of the movie.

* not to mention the final part of the movie.

* there’s a fugitive who feeds too often and gets mad when his food is scattered. He even chews a dead opponents arm when he gets too hungry. The funny thing is he doesn’t attack until he smells food.

* the two magician aides who somewhat act like an eagle and a tiger when bewitched.

I found this movie thoroughly enjoyable. The idea of a rocket riding hero was great. There was everything you need. Magic, martial arts, storyline, comic sense and a happy ending. Though there was violence during the fights, it is quite manageable.

What I loved was the idea that the dynamite warrior never killed his opponents. Only real heroes can constraint from killing. He just used to injure his opponents who otherwise tried to kill him instead.

And the old saying is truly personified in the movie- the evil deeds will surely be repaid.


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