How to lose weight and keep it off

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Start by running & working out, do a lot of reps incorporated with running. In other words work out first then run 2 to 3 miles a day for the best results. Eat right the more food you eat the more you have to burn calories. Jump rope in between sets.If you are taller like 6 ft 2 or so and you can’t run because your joints hurt you.You need to do eliptical or stair master.Or you can go to local school and go up and down the bleachers.It will make your lungs stonger.It will also build up your legs.Added bonus you get a great but.

Get enough sleep its very important. And just to let you know its a myth that you gain more weight if you eat before you go to sleep.Drink geen tea also before bed,no caffiene.Remember don’t worry about eating a cookie or two.If you starve you body of fats it will start to store fat and you never lose weight .

Eat a lot of salads it helps to shed the pounds .Especially lettuce because your system works for a while to digest it .What I recommend is using apple cider vinegar and oil it helps to digest your food .Plus I recommend eating peanut butter its good fat that helps get rid of bad fat.Its not about losing weight,it’s about losing fat.I also recomend taking L-carnitine to help digest your food properly.Make sure that you eat lean meats and organic produce.


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