How to ROCK!

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Pick an instrument to rock with. guitar, bass guitar and or drums or you might just want to rock a mic. Keyboards in my opinion can NOT be rocked. Ive seen many try and all have failed. They even tried putting a guitar strap on a guitar shaped keyboard and it was un-rockable. I myself rock all four. Guitar, Bass, Drums AND mic!! Quick tips for you to get rocking: Get as many Marshall stack amps (plexi) and an older Gibson Les Paul. Make sure to learn 3 or more “POWER” chords. If drums are what you want to rock make sure you buy hickory 2B’s with nylon tips. Buy a box of them because if you get to rocking hard you will be busting them and throwing them into crowds. 18 inch speakers in reflex cabinets for the bass. The more amp watts for bass the harder you will ROCK!!!(Ampeg SVT) Tips on rocking attire: Tight pants, ripped up shirts, Beads, Sunglasses, chrome flask, pointy shoes or big black monster boots or Converse all stars. scarf? top hat? That’s enough. Thats all you need to start rocking so GET TO ROCKING MAN!!!!!!…..Many more fun how to posts coming so bookmark me. How many more words do I need to write before all you people out there can learn some ways on how to ROCK!!? Can I cheat and just write random stuff like this to get my word count up? Im really close to 250 word count dont ya you think?


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