The bright side of black friday

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I went into Black Friday feeling very negative about our economic situation I admit negativity will get you nowhere. Friday started out slow but afternoon it got better.
Business the next two days was great and I am tired because of it. I am not complaining at all I am very happy that we had some business. The entire fall it has been slow. I was holding out hope business would get better or I would have to look for another job in Jan. One thing I did notice sales take much more work now. People are reluctant to chip out money and the first place they go when they come into Macy’s is the clearance rack. Next question do you have any sizes in this.
Customers want to spend money but are scared over our economy. I admit I am a little scared myself I do not want to look for another job. Usually I have quick sales now they take time so you lose other sales. With it as slow as it is it can get heated been shoe salesman. I am just trying to do the best I can to make the most money I can in the next month before it gets really slow again. The hardest thing for me is wondering what will happen if I lose my job due to lack of business. I have a second job but even when it is slow, I make much more than minimum wage. Usually when a company is going under the screw their employees first and that is what is happening right now. A lowered commission rate cuts in discounts it all adds up to bad news.


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