How to Properly brush out your Horse

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Things You’ll Need:

  • Horse
  • Brushes
  • Muscles
  • Soft voice


Brush assortment

Many different brushes are used in grooming a horse. First there are, at the very least, 2 bristle brushes, 1 each, hard and soft. The soft is the finishing brush, the hard is the dirt and grime reacher. Next, there are two different types of curry combs, the rubber and the metal. Metal is used to remove loose hair, while the soft is used to take away caked on mud. Or, could go the other way around depending apon your personal preference. Lastly, there is a smaller face brush.       Start with the horses face following the whorls of his hair. Brush his jaw line. Clean his ears inside and out. Stroke him underneath the chin, even the muzzle. When finished, move on to the neck and chest area.   Then working down the front legs and back up to the shoulder. Stroke across his back to the tail bone. Follow the brush over his rump and flank, continuing down the hind leg. Back to his barrel, and underneath his belly. Be sure to brush between both front and back legs while brushing underneath. Repeat this on the other side.   Whew, that was quite a workout to reach the rear of the horse. Switch to a softer brush for cleaning the anus and groin area of your horse. You are now ready to brush/comb out the mane and tail.    If you like, have a look at my other articles of caring for your horse.

Tips & Warnings

  • Disinfect the brushes using a brush cleaner, let dry
  • Softly speak to your horse while brushing him, this helps to relax the horse
  • Keep two sets of brushes handy for multiple horses
  • Use a caddy for handling and keeping neat
  • Make some noise, NEVER! sneak up behind a horse!

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