Make Money and Be Financially Stable in College

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If you have a work-study opportunity, take it. Apply as you as you can for one, as the good ones go quickly. Make sure your resume is updated and apply to more than one at once. Don’t be afraid to ask on-campus employers in person if they are hiring, and follow up with a job if they don’t reply in a week.

Buy used books instead of new. They are usually much cheaper and in very good condition. If you can, look on amazon or abe books. Sellers on these sites usually have better prices than your campus bookstore.

Sell your books back, but shop around. If your bookstore offers you a bad price (less than 50% of what you paid), see what you can get on amazon or abe. Sometimes you can sell books directly to students at your college by listing them on the university website. Make sure to accurately describe the condition and check competitors’ prices.

Do psychology studies if your school has a psychology department. You can find them on the school’s website, listed around campus, or by asking at the psych department. They are generally easy and mindless and take an hour or two. They pay cash, generally 10 dollars an hour.

Don’t leave campus! Everything on campus is paid for, so resist the urge to go shopping or go out dinner, and no matter how much your friends beg, let them know you don’t feel comfortably spending the cash.

EBAY. Do you have things laying around your house that you didn’t bring to school and will probably never use again? Sell them on EBAY over your breaks. Use a parent’s account if they already have a positive rating, as this will entice buyers. Take good pictures and be very accurate in your descriptions.

Work over breaks. Since breaks in college are so long, it’s easier to get a job over them, if you apply a few weeks in advance. Retailers, restaurants, and caterers always need extra help over the holidays.

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