How to install Hot tubs

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You can have a wooden tub installed and assembled, or you can buy a kit and assemble it yourself. hot tub styles A wooden hot tub is expensive. A spa of molded fiberglass is somewhat cheaper. A spa needs no assembly.

kits for maintanance of hot tubs Now is the time for the actual hot tub installation process. Put the tub in a smaller area, it is best to wait until you have the equipment in hand and can lay it out before you actually decide how small of an area you are going to be able to get by with. You can install the tub on top of an existing deck if you wish, or even on a second story deck, but in this case an engineer will probably be required as they will have to design the addition.

The three main requirements that you need for a basic hot tub installation are: an electrical circuit, a gas line, and a pad for the tub to sit on. Two foundations or concrete pads are needed for the basic hot tub system, and if you choose toal support in order to accommodate the added weight of the hot tub. When it comes to actually installing the tub, the steps are going to vary depending on the particular model and make you purchased, but some of the basics will remain the same, including the assembling of the base.

You need to slide the two bottom halves together, pushing them as tight as possible to one another, and after the bottom is in place, put the two plywood strips about 3” in from either end of the perimeter of the tub. Then use the screws to secure each strip, and remove these strips once you have the entire tub assembled.

Always make sure that everything is correct as you are going along, so that if you do make a mistake, you will just have to go back one or two steps rather than having to take the entire hot tub apart and reassemble it. images?q


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