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From time to time whether you’re single or married, your love life can get a little stale. Maybe all your dates have been total duds or maybe you want someone back. Whatever your situation is, you might be able to fix it by re-decorating your bedroom. Here are some basic feng shui tips to try. Also know that the ancient practice is far more detailed so I will supply you with more links if you care to dig deeper!

In general, there should be two of everything in your bedroom. Two night stands, two lamps, two hooks for your robes, and an equal number of pillows. If you are single, decorate your room as if you were married. Keep the other night stand clear of clutter.

Create a little mood lighting. Use a dim lantern, string some Christmas lights on a plant, and of course candles are very sexy too.

No TV!!! Many studies say that couples that have a TV in their room have less sex than couples who don’t… Also if your spouse wants to watch TV until mid-night, it will keep you up too. TV in the bedroom is just an all-around don’t!

As mama said before, “Go clean your room!” How romantic is a pile of stinky laundry and garbage everywhere? Not very sexy at all. Keep things tidy and smelling fresh by spraying your room with sandalwood, lavender, or vanilla.

Arrange a goodie basket next to your bed. Massage oils, an educational book, a back massager, and chocolates are likely to spice things up.

Music is the soundtrack of our lives, including our love lives. Make a burned CD or Ipod shuffle of your favorite sexy tunes.

Last but not least, toss those granny panties for good! Wear something adorable to bed. Even a simple matching cotton tank and panties will do. Even if you are single, you don’t have to wait for someone to see that cute teddy. Wear it!

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