Be a Scuba Diver in 4 Days

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Did you ever wonder what it’s like to be weightless and just to float around. Well you don’t have to become an astronaut or go to outer space. Our planet Earth has more Oceans than land on it and scuba diving can open an entirely new world to you. Once you adjust your buoyancy you may as well be weightless and flying.

Difficulty: Moderate

You’ll Need:

A scuba diving license from an accredited diving school, PADI & NAUI are the main organizations.

Scuba gear, mask, fins, snorkel are the basics. You can hire the rest.


Enrol in an accredited PADI or NAUI scuba diving school. these are usually run by any scuba dive shop or club, usually found along the coastal areas.


Successfully complete the theory part of the course, roughly two days, and an exam.


Successfully complete the prescribed dives in still water, ie a swimming pool.


Complete the prescribed open (ocean) water dives accompanied by the instructor and you will pass and be granted your open water divers License, which qualifies you to dive to 30ft. If you can book the days you can complete the whole course in 3 days.


Continue and go for an overnight dive cruise and qualify for your advanced open water license. This qualifies you to dive to 100ft.

Tips & Warnings

·                                 Learn all your signals

·                                 Follow all the protocols and rules of diving.

·                                 Log all of your dives.

·                                 Remain calm

·                                 Heightened anxiety makes you breath faster, using more air.


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