Got Your Number & Give Me Something to Believe

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Got Your Number

Wake up and smell the roses.

No more of these angry poses.

Don’t believe you are the chosen.

To you, my heart is frozen.

You say I don’t know you.

You say I don’t care,

But I have to tell you,

I’ve got your number.

Turn around and look at me,

Through all the tragedy.

In this suffering, joy shall bring

The unity of voices, a song to sing.

But you say I don’t love you.

That I put myself above you.

I’m here to say that it’s not true.

One thing you must remember.

After all this time

I still got your number.

Give Me Something to Believe

Drowning in tears,

Consumed with shame,

The face of fear,

I know not its name.

Show me the faces, the places,

Where I belong.

The world of one,

Please, be gone.

Here, I grieve.

Down on my knees,

I plead.

Give me something to believe.

The knowledge of yesterday,

Cries its tears of separation.

Have I lost all faith?

No recollection of the creation.

What is its name?

The grass, the trees, it’s all the same.

Where have I gone?

Here, in the world of everyone,

Where do I belong?

This is where I grieve,

Down on my knees.

Can you hear my plea?

Give me something to believe.

Inside the pain is where I’ll be,

‘Til you give me something to believe.

(These are two poems I wrote during a angry period in my life. Pain can be inspirational.)


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