Freedom Bound & Give Me Grace

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Freedom Bound

Trapped inside this valley of shadows

Freedom being a few steps ahead.

Feet frozen.

Hands shaking.

I long to flee this valley of death.

Deep inside I see the jungle picture.

A homeland borne of honey and bread.

To frolic in the cool sweet water

On the fresh pedals do I make my bed.

Freedom Bound,

Though through time had been spoiled.

The beautiful place where I once lived.

Can I get back what time had stolen?

Through the wretchedness is the youth we rid.

With age come wisdom,

Though bounty is lost.

All the shriveled hands cry out in shame,

Soiled innocence lost again.

In the perils of the game.

Can life return to this broken body?

Beaten, tattered and torn,

But in your charge the ageless stays the same.

Rid me of this helpless host

Where I’m doomed to stay.

Give me leave to kill, leave this body to maim.

I am freedom bound

If only in death.

To hope for rebirth is my prayer.

To start over again

From scratch as it seems.

Now that I’m gone

There’s no one in there.

Freedom bound,

The only place to go

Is in the arms of the caretaker.

We call God by many names

And none at all.

Is he any less real if we say her?

We are on the road to freedom.

Freedom bound.

Give me grace

Give me time to share, time to bare

All the rough edges that tear us to pieces.

Give me what I ask; I know it will last.

Grace, I say.

Give me grace.

Peace and love shall follow,

Lead into the tomorrow.

Give me hope, so I can cope.

Will all the tears shed in wake.

Give me away to descend, to rise again.

Hurry before it’s to late.

Grace, I plead.

Give me grace to be.

Running with you in the sunshine,

Shadows taint the sight,

Leaving us with words unkind.

Will you ever see the light?

Give me time to be blind.

Give me time to shine.

Give me a chance to save face.

Give me grace.


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