Five Senses & Fish Tank

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Five Senses

As I stare at the blank page, white and crisp,

Not a word leaves me pen in the endless abyss.

No feeling do I have to relay a thought.

From others I have heard, stories I’ve bought.

No pain do I feel: hate, joy or rage.

In an endless mist I trail through this haze.

I see not the faces.

I hear not the voices.

I taste not the food of happiness.

I touch not the softness.

I smell not the sweet scents of the rose bushes

in bloom

Five senses I experience no more.

My life is an empty jar,

Lips cast so tight, I can’t get air.

No feeling do they implore; the memories flood

my brain.

All my efforts are in vain.

No one can help me now.

It’s much to late for feeling somehow.

But like a dream

Once unseen.

Now I fall in line.

Through the mist of a lost time.

I hear the whispering wind

And once again

I see all the faces.

I hear all the voices.

I taste all the food of happiness.

I touch all the softness.

I smell all the flowers in the magic grove.

Five senses do I experience once again.

Fish Tank

Valley running deep,

A captive in your ravine.

The river does sleep

In the valley of dreams.

Trapped in a bubble

Where tomorrow doesn’t matter.

I live in a hovel

Of broken glass.

I see the castle far

But can not touch it.

Free me from this prison

That I inflict upon myself.

Free from the loathing

I stole from the lonely elf.

I made this rash decision,

One I now regret.

It was my own invention.

This glass case of death.

Gone from this world am I

Still my lungs do breath.

No one to hear, to see.

This is where I shall remain

For all eternity.


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