Eyes on the Storm & Firelight

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Eyes on the Storm

Driving to oblivion,

Hearing the squeak of whispers,

Their rhythmic sound sends chills of annoyance down my spine.

I see nothing but endless pavement,

No trees, no animals or other persons.

The occasional pothole is my only distraction.

I should feel rage,

Instead this desperate loneliness is my only reaction.

I wish to run from this shelter.

Dance with the raindrops.

Become one with the storm.

But it’s just an illusion.

There is a horror.

Just an intrusion

I see it no more.

My eyes on the storm.

Is it all in my head?

This life is none

Was it all just a dream?

This joining of one

I can’t see very far.

The future’s unclear.

The rain makes me hate.

The rain makes me fear.

But was it an illusion?

It’s really not there.

A mirror intrusion,

Not that I care.

Eyes on the storm.

Child beware.

Eyes on the storm,

I see a child spared.

Eyes on the storm,

Dreams, Beware.


In times of doubt,

In times of woe,

Where hope can not be found.

The despair of time takes its toll.

A place where we all play the fool.

But in the firelight, dreams become reality.

In the firelight flames take shape.

In the firelight a pauper gains regality.

In the firelight cynicism turns to faith.

In that sparkling light all becomes right.

Here is the firelight.

In times of worry,

In times of strife,

Where faith never enters our query,

And disappointment cuts like a knife.

The place where death consumes all life.

But in the firelight we become more than we are.

In the firelight paradise is born in the spark.

In the firelight we steal the song pf the lark.

In that sparkling flame day becomes night.

Here, forever burns, in the firelight.


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