How to Cook Turkey, Goose, Duck, Carcass to Make Hearty Stew

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Horses009-main_Thumb.jpg Fowl Things You’ll Need:

  • potatoes, pared/diced
  • Carrots, pared/diced
  • cabbage, quartered
  • onions, quartered
  • garlic, sliced
  • carcass of fowl

livestock006_Thumb.jpg Using a pot just deep enough to place carcass of fowl into, cover with water. Sprinkle 1Tbls. oregano into water, cover, boiling aprox. 5hrs, adding water about 1 cup per hour. livestock025_Thumb.jpg Prepare vegetables as described above. Place all into plastic zip bag with 1Tbls. sea salt and 1Tbls. fresh ground pepper. Let bag stand, turning every hour while the meat cooks from bones. As time winds down, the meat will drop from the bones and a light broth will form. Do not discard as it will be used in making the stew. Any meat left on the bones is easily picked away using fingers or knife. (I like fingers because you can feel for bones and more meat is saved using this method). All traces of meat have been removed, and the carcass is clean, pour both meat and broth as well as the vegetable mixture (being careful not to splash hot liquid), into a large crockpot. With all contents in the crock, turn crock on low heat(I like to do the cooking while I sleep),cook several hours (6-8) or until veggies are done. Once the pot has cooked to it’s fullest flavor, place a slice of home baked bread in the bottom of soup bowl, spoon stew over top, a slice of cheeddar on top, let cool – EAT! Mmmmmmmmmyummmmmmmmmmmmy!

Tips & Warnings

  • Serve with red wine
  • Enjoy with friends
  • Pre-time is 15 min. cook time is several hours,and well worth the wait
  • Avoid burning by frequently adding water to the pot
  • May make the budget s-t-r-e-t-c-h-! beyond reality
  • Never feed this type of bone to dogs!

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