How to Keep Warm in Winter

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How to Keep Warm in Winter


HeatherLinni-main_Thumb.jpg Winter games, horse tubin’

 Imagine all things good in winter. There, you will find something to occupy even the coldest of winter days. Bundle up. Invite friends. Have fun and keep fit. Also a great way to work off that holiday fare!

Things You’ll Need:

  • Thermal Underwear
  • Gloves, mittens (warm)
  • Stocking cap, scarf
  • Snow pants
  • Heavy winter coat
  • Warm footwear
  • Friends

Luckytubin_Thumb.jpg Forget that winter is chilly. Dress in layers that will wick off the cold. To do this, use natural fibers like cotton, silk and wool. Also, start with tight articles closest to your skin, and loosen the clothing as you move outward.

Barnsnsuch018_Thumb.jpg When the weather attempts to freeze you out, use your imagination to warm it up. The more active you are the warmer you will become. Think of the many things there are to do out-of-doors.

Barnsnsuch021_Thumb.jpg Skiing, ice skating, snow boarding, horse riding, tag… the list is endless if you let your mind wander. Keeping active is essential to a young mind, a fit body and being strong of heart.

Tips & Warnings

  • If unable to participate with the activity, cheer from the sideline
  • Have cocoa and marshmallows on hand to enjoy a few laughs afterward
  • Feeling the effects of the elements, Don’t hesitate to seek shelter
  • Noses, Ears, Fingers, and Toes are the first to feel the cold, be sure to add a cap, scarf, heavy socks and gloves or mittens.
  • If they get wet, change them for some that are dry. (bring a spare pair)

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