Adventurous Eating: Weird Menus From Around the World

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Eating in a foreign country can sometimes be a real adventure. Eating down the street can sometimes be as well. They say that it’s healthiest to eat a little bit of everything but I’m not sure anyone would want to eat what some of these menus are offering.


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Um, “Vegetarian chicken”? Does this mean that the chicken was a vegetarian and that means vegetarians can eat it? I think that they may have missed the point of the word vegetarian on this menu.


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This menu found in Ningbo, China sounds really delicious until you get to the “Pig’s fore shank with strange flavor”. What exactly do they mean by strange?


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This menu has “Strange flavored chicken” as a house suggestion! I’m not sure that I’m daring enough to give it a try.


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How about some grilled spam? I’ve heard that it is a local delicacy in some Hawaiian cultures but I’m just not sure about it. I’m sure that they probably would feel the same way about eatting bison, which really isn’t that uncommon where I live in Canada.


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This Italian menu offers pizzas with coocked arm and hard harm. Also, a rocket. I’m not sure I really feel like eating arms and rockets tonight dear. Maybe a Hawaiian. Pizza that is, not person.


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I thought that eating salads was supposed to be good for you! Salad with cancerous necks does not sound delicious or healthy to me.


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This random “Will I ever see you again” message just makes me laugh. That’s what they offer for sweets. I wonder if whoever it was meant for ever saw it.


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Here’s a picture of an edible menu by Chef Cantu of Moto Restaurant in Chicago, IL, USA. Takes “weird menus” to a whole new level. Sort of James Bondish as well…when you’re done ordering, eat this message.


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I thought that Winnie the Pooh liked honey. Who knew that what he really likes is a fried slice of meat? Miscellaneous meat, I guess. I hope it’s not bear.


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Yikes! I can’t believe how cheap they’re selling kids for at this restaurant. Maybe I should pick up an extra couple of them. Definitely easier than pregnancy!


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This menu seems pretty normal until you read — short ends, long ends or burnt end on bun. I’m not sure what exactly it is that they’re selling the ends of… And then, of course, there’s the 4 boner plate. Maybe that’s what they’re selling the ends of!


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