It’s time to shop for Christmas lights and decorations

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Well I’ve thought about it and have decided it is time to shop for a few more decorations, though I am not so sure I will even get a chance to decorate much this year as we have bought a home in the country and will be moving into it around the holiday season, “but” “me being me”! I just have to check out all the new decorations and yes probably even buy a few.

So as I am thinking about shopping I thought I would pass a few safety tips onto you (smile) after all it is always nice to be reminded about safety.

I am planning on decorating outside, I guess I should remember to look for lights that are made for outdoor use, I know if I put indoor lights outside I could cause a fire hazard. “Remember” the way to tell if the lights are for indoor or outdoor use is to look at the color-coded UL. mark on the new package of lights. A “green” holographic UL mark is for “indoor use only” and a “red” holographic mark tells us that the lights are “safe for both indoor and outdoor use”. I always buy the ones that are safe for both indoor and outdoor use that way I don’t have to guess when I use them the following year because I know all my lights are for both inside and out.

I don’t care if they are brand new lights or used from previous years I always check all the lights for any damage to the wires and or bulbs. It is always better safe than sorry! Always unplug the lights before making any repairs to them, even if you are only changing a bulb you should unplug the lights. When you replace any light bulb be sure the bulb you are changing another bulb for is the same type of bulb, as well as the same wattage. If you use a higher wattage bulb than what is needed the strand of lights may overheat and could cause a fire.

Remember that when chaining light strands together it is recommended that only three strands be linked together. Another problem during the holidays is overloading the extension cords, this can also cause a fire. The wire of the christmas lights should not be hot to the touch when on and if it is you should check the wires for frayed wires, damage or cracks that could cause a fire. Last but not least you should not leave the lights burning when away from home and you should also never go to sleep at night with the Christmas decorations burning.

It doesn’t matter if you decorate inside or out always use caution. if you are using a ladder to hang decorations high then be sure someone is helping with the hanging as well as helping to stabilize the ladder.

Well I guess it is off to the store I go with all these thoughts of safety dancing in my head (smile). Have a very happy and safe holiday season and remember to think safety. 


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