Protect Yourself from Attack or Assault

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·     If you are in a car, keep your windows up and doors locked, especially when in unfamiliar territory.

·     If at a stoplight someone attempts to terrorize you, drive away, even if you have to run the light.

·     Never open your doors or windows to a stranger, and keep your eyes open and aware of your general vicinity at all times.

·     If someone tries to stop you, claiming to be the police, do not stop if you are uncomfortable. Either call 911 to verify, or drive to a well lit area or nearby police station.

·     If someone bumps you from behind in an isolated area, do not get out of your car. This could be a ploy. Again, drive to a well lit area and call the police.

·     Beware of people telling you that your lights are not working, or a tire is going flat. Although this is true in many cases, it is also a ploy to get you to pull over.

·     If someone gets you out of the car and wants to hijack it, let them have it. It is not worth your life. 

·     When walking in an area that is unfamiliar to you do not draw attention to yourself by overtly asking for directions or looking around to find your bearings. Be very subtle in your movements.

·     Most people who drive know that peripheral vision is very important. We use mirrors to look behind us and to our sides. This same visual perception should be used in a situation where you may not be entirely safe. Be aware of what is around you, but do not make it obvious that you are not in your element.

·     Walk as if you have somewhere to go. Keep your head up and shoulders back. Use purposeful strides and an assertive manner.

·     Trust your instincts. If you feel someone is watching you or a sense of unease, there is probably good reason. Animals are given this instinct, and use it to save their lives on a daily basis. We have the same latent ability. Do not think you are being paranoid. It is better safe than sorry.

·     If you feel you are being followed go immediately into the closest occupied facility you can find. That may be a store, a hotel, a gas station, or anywhere else there are people.

·     If you have a cell phone, pull it out and call 911 if you feel unsafe. Do not be afraid to appear stupid. Again, trust your instinct. It may be a false alarm, or you may thwart an attack. If you sincerely feel you are about to be attacked it is important to know there is help on the way. By taking out a phone it may also be enough to scare off the assailant.

·     Do not put your self in the mode of a victim, however. Even if you need to make that phone call, make yourself as big as you can. Stand tall, shoulders back, head held high. Attackers want the easiest possible victim. They often back down if they feel there may be a battle.

·     Do not look the possible assailant in the eyes, but do not take your eyes off them. They should know that you are aware of them, but if you have any fear, they may sense this and use it against you. They may also be more likely to attack if they sense overt aggression, so keep your eyes averted, but still aware.

·     If they only want your money or purse, let them have it. It is not worth dying over.

·     If they attack you from the front and have their hands out to grab you, they are completely unprotected. There are a number of moves you can use to stop the attack in its tracks.

·     One very effective move is a throat poke. You take two fingers, your index and middle, and as they are coming towards you, you can use their own forward momentum with your fingers stiff give them a quick hard jab in the throat, right near the Adams apple. This will also work if you prefer to use the knuckles. The same move applies. Bend your index and middle fingers, and jam them into the throat below or around the Adams apple. 

·     Do not try to hit with your fist ladies. Use your elbows and the side of your fist. If you bend your elbow in and throw your fist out to the side, you will get a lot more force behind the hit. The elbow is sharp, and has a lot of power. If they are medium sized you can bring the elbow straight up and into their nose. If they are taller you can use the elbow in a sideways motion to hit them almost anywhere.

·     If you have a purse and it is especially heavy use both hands to grasp the purse and swing it full force like a bat. Generally the head is the best area to hit, but any body shot can be helpful.

·     If you can get to the groin area that is an optimal place to strike. A knee strike works very well. Bring your knee up and into an area of their body, especially the abdominal area for ultimate effect.

·     The kneecaps are a great area to use to take down an assailant; either kicking them in the kneecaps or kicking them behind the knee which will cause them to lose their balance.

·     A knuckle strike to the lower back will also bring someone the ground. The hand is in a fist, but with the knuckles out. Strike the attacker in the very low portion of the back, generally where the back meets the gluteus. (The indentation) This will cause them to fall backwards if done with enough pressure.

·     If they have you in a bear hug, attempt to loosen their grip by putting your hands into a karate chop position, with palms facing up and fingers slightly bent. Strike them sharply (quick movement) and as hard as possible in the mid to lower rib area. This may loosen their grip and allow you a chance to escape.

·     If they are behind you a move that many will not expect is to bring your heel up directly between their legs with as much force as possible.

·     Another unexpected move, whether they have you from the front or behind is to let your body drop to the ground with all your weight. This may give you a few seconds to fight or run.

·     Anytime you can get a finger it can be used as a weapon. Bend the finger all the way back as if your are playing mercy. The pinky finger is the easiest to break, and again, this will take someone to their knees quickly.

·     If they have their hands on your throat, use the finger break. You can also make a fist with knuckles out and strike them hard in the mid hand. This will sometimes loosen their grip.

·     Biting can be very effective. If they are facing you then go for the soft spots, the ears, nose, and lip. Any area that is holding you is a good area to bite. This will usually make them let you go. However, be prepared to draw blood.

·     If they are wearing glasses, smash them with a fist into their eyes. This is a brutal move, but it could save your life.

·     If you get them to the ground, give them a good heel strike or elbow strike to the back of the head to keep them down a little longer.

·     Use a head butt if they have you from behind. Draw your head down to your chest and bring it up and back full force into their face.

·     Use your palm to strike an assailant. Use the heel area of your palm to strike in an upward motion.

·     If you are wearing heels and can get them off, do so and use one as a weapon. Hitting them in the face with a heel is effective.

·     Scream while being attacked. Words to yell are attack or fire. This draws attention.

·     Do not expect someone to save you. Oftentimes, people are afraid of getting involved.

·     The best defense is always to run

·      If they have a gun or knife, do not resist. It is better to live and be assaulted than to die

·     If the crime is robbery, do not fight. Give them what they want. It is not worth your life

·     Do not rely on a gun. Criminals usually take the gun and use that to assault the victim

·     Do not rely on pepper spray. It is hard to get at when need


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