How To Save Money Commuting

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1. You might put up a notice in a high traffic area to let others know that you would be interested in arranging a carpool. There are several dividends inconsidering a ride sharing program. You will have the opportunity to get to know your co-workers better during the drive to and from work. This camaraderie may even have a positive impact on your work performance. And, it is said that workers that are friends out side of work can improve productivity. With more than one person in the car you may even be able to take advantage of high occupancy vehicle lanes and, in some cases, bypass road tolls, saving your time and money.

2. Brown bag it to spread the word. If you have found some gas saving strategies, either those you use or those you have heard of, you might offer to compile the information and share it with your group at work. You might schedule a lunch time brown bagger meeting where you present your information to your co-workers. Discussing this with fellow commuters may also bring new ideas to the table.

3. Evaluate your schedule at work for the opportunity to compress your hours and there for save money in your commuting back and forth. A compressed workweek such as four 10-hour days rather than five eight hour days may be an option to consider. You might be able to trade with another co-worker or change your scheduling completely depending on your job. Be sure you can be available incase your co-workers need to reach you for any possible questions on a certain project.

4. If working remotely interests you there are several points you might use to bring attention to your idea. You will want to show how the arrangement is not only good for you but for the business. The human resources department is a good place to contact first. Also check the employee manual to see whether the company has any telecommuting programs in place already. If there is one in place you can build your proposal from actual policies. Any personal characteristics, history of excellent organizational skills and your dependability can help your case. If there is not a program set up use the professional network to identify people who have worked remotely and ask them how they went about securing the arrangement.


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