Avoid Acne Breakouts

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It is most prominent in the teenage years due to hormones, but it can plague many people their whole lives. It has little to do with dirty skin, and much more to do with genetics, hormones, and the overproduction of oil that clogs the pores. It can also be caused by the inability to shed skin as quickly as others.

  •  The number one rule is do not touch your face. Do not put your chin in your hands or lay a phone against your face.
  • Dairy products can aggravate acne. So can too much iodine in your diet. Pay attention to the foods you eat and your breakouts and try to isolate what foods you are eating and when you have flare-ups.

  • Too much washing can contribute to acne by forcing the skin to produce more oil. Wash no more than twice per day.

  • Sun can aggravate acne by increasing pore clogging oil production. Put on acne medicine and then sunscreen.

  • Do not pick. This will only force any bacteria further into the skin and make the pimple worse. It can also cause scarring.

  • Stay away from products that contain alcohol. They tend to aggravate sensitive skin and can contribute to increased acne by allowing bacteria to penetrate through tiny tears.

  • Pay attention to hair products. Gels, and even shampoo and conditioner can contribute to acne. If you change products and noticed increased acne, this could be the cause.

  • Try to reduce stress. This raises cortisol levels which increases oil production. This can lead to increased acne.

  • Avoid hats that may lead to sweating.

  • For women, try to keep the skin free of makeup, especially when working out.

  • Change sheets and bedding often. They can carry bacteria that will reinfect the skin.

  • Follow all of these tips, but see a doctor if acne is out of control. It can cause physical and mental scarring. There are many products that will now help control it so that is a manageable condition. 


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