How to Deal with the Trouble Maker at Holiday Family Events

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Yes, there’s usually one in every family. That would be the one that always comes to family events to start mess. You wish they would just go away but they don’t. They’re usually on every scene, getting on every one’s nerves are the first to come and the last one to leave. Well, don’t let one person ruin your holiday. Fight back. Learn how to deal with the trouble makers.

Take back the power. Decide to not let anyone burst your holiday bubble. Don’t’ dread meeting them – instead look forward to it because for the first time, you are going to be in charge of the one person who will make the difference and that is you. Make up your mind that she/he will not infringe upon your inner peace.

Know that if your holiday spirit is salvaged it I up to you. You’ve got to want to get rid of this situation and enjoy yourself as well as the rest of the people at your celebration. Choose happiness over being unhappy and keep a positive outlook throughout the event.

Release them to their highest good. In your mind, release this person mentally. Accept that they are who they are and only they can change themselves. You on the other hand, cannot change them and have to accept them as they are.

Get committed. Get committed to not letting them ruffle your feathers. Be nice to them and untouched by what they say or do. For instance, if they come up to you and say, “You sure are getting fat.” You could respond, “Thank you so much for noticing. I’ve been trying to gain weight for the longest.”  This will truly throw them for a loop and will increase your power and self confidence that you maintained your positive attitude.

Avoid this person as much as possible. After all, you don’t have to be glued to them the entire party. Instead, spend a bit of time with them and then move on. Mingle with other more positive people and allow them the opportunity to deal with them. Soon they will get the hint that you’re really not interested in being around them.

In conclusion, you can successfully deal with any troublemakers at your holiday party. Who knows, by acting more positively toward them, you might encourage others to do the same thing. And, in no time at all you’ll convert the black sheep of your family into a sweet and loving person whom everyone wants to be around. Even it you can’t, you will at least have a wonderful time at the party regardless of who shows up.


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