Oilfield Jobs. Finding Jobs In the Oil Industry In Tough Times

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Historically oilfield jobs have been some of the highest paying jobs. Now that oil is trading at such a low price per barrel there are fewer new jobs but some sectors are still hiring.

Look for new fields such as the Haynesville Shale or Marcellus Formation. These rich natural gas bearing formations are virtually unexplored and what we will see in the next year, as the costs to drill a well go down, is the drilling of exploratory wells to determine the extent of the formation. Infill drilling, to space out these gas fields will occur later when the price goes up.

We will see rig costs as well as the cost of pipe and tanks go down by almost half in the next year. As this happens companies such as Occidental will use large cash reserves to drill wells for less money on the anticipation that oil prices will rebound with the economic recovery.

Another sector of the oilfield that will be hiring will be those companies that are in the business of transporting natural gas and oil. Companies like Kinder Morgan that own vast pipeline systems will still need to keep those pipelines up and running and may be investing in new ones and repair to older lines as steel pipe becomes cheaper.

Crews that dig up and recoat, sandblast and weld pipelines will still be needed.

Try sites like http://www.rigzone.com and http://www.texasoilfieldjob.com for new job listings.

There will always be parts of any industry that are doing better than others. If you can identify these parts of the oil industry that are still hiring there is opportunity waiting for you.


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