My way of quiting Smoking

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First off. I smoked for 28 years and loved it….This is NOT a joke. This is how I quit. First you need to define the word “decide” Here are some definitions of the word Decide: To settle conclusively all contention or uncertainty about. To make up one’s mind about. To influence or determine the outcome of. To cause to make or reach a decision. To pronounce a judgment. To make up one’s mind. Now If you really get the meaning of “decide” we are close. You must also love yourself and your body more then tobaco. Pick a day. I picked Jan 1st new years day. I picked that day a few months in advance.

Pick a birthday or a anniversary of something a month or so in advance. Do this to continue smoking because smoking is really a pleasure. It was killing me but it was a pleasure. You see? Smoke smoke smoke…..Enjoy enjoy enjoy…..When the day you decided to quit comes. BANG! that’s it!! Say good bye. Yes you WILL freak out for awhile but hey….You decided and it is done. Now make yourself a little fake cigarette out of a pen tube or what I did was bought a piece of wood dowel from hardware store and cut it the length of a cigarette then drew a filter with a pen. When things get a bit withdrawaly? Go to wherever you smoke and go through the motions of lighting it and pretend to take a big drag off it.

Then pretend that a big cloud of smoke is comming out of your lungs. Doing these things helped me quit. Dont smoke a real one because you decided that you wont ever smoke again. Soon you will stop dragging on the wood stick and not smoking will be a thing you hold over your smoking friends heads. I have 11 months of no smoking under my belt. It worked for me. Just decide!! Good luck. Here’s on more for you. I watched a few friends go by lung cancer and I would rather fall off a boat and get eaten by a shark then go through what they went through. Praying helps too.Thanks…..


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