How to spoil your cat/dog – Rotten

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Cat-n-his Doggie

  • Things You’ll Need:
  • Cat
  • Love
  • Dog
  • Love
  • Bed
  • Love
  • Food
  • Love


Cat/dog Bring the object of your desire the cat, home with you. Be sure to also include in your clutch; A water bowl, wet and dry cat food, kitty treats (I prefer to use a smaller bag, additional flavor of cat food, as it is more cost effective), toys, cat mint, fleece blanket to double as a bed, plenty of affection, and a doggie.


Togetherness Twice daily feedings, fresh water and plenty of love from both you, and the doggie while you’re out working, helps to keep your kitty feeling purrrr-fectly spoiled rotten. As you open the door to your home, use the cats name to announce yourself to him. Also include the dog. In time, they will come to expect this, thus meeting you at the door. Once the three of you are there together, scratch or pat their heads lovingly. Lavish your cat, and the dog too with plenty of extravagances. In the morning, prior to leaving and evening before bedtime, brush them. Put their blanket on the bed as an invitation. Allow the cat to sit upon your lap as you type or lick the last of the ice cream from your bowl (no choco). Talk to them. Play with them. Kiss their heads. Rub their belly.

Tips & Warnings

  • Every moment spent with them is worth a lifetime
  • Clean food and water bowls daily
  • Wash the blanket every couple of weeks
  • Beware of excessive purring and affection in return!

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