5 More Fun, Creative and Unique Baby Shower Baby Gifts

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Baby gifts can bring so much joy to both the new parents and the gift-givers. This article is a supplement to “5 Creative and Unique Baby Shower Baby Gifts .”  If you are searching for a fantastic baby gift, here are some additional presents to consider.

6. Hand preservation kit
Cost: Low

What can be more cute that preserving the baby’s little hands or feet? There are various sites online where you can purchase kits – http://www.castingkeepsakes.com is one great resource. It is an outstanding gift. Parents will love to display little statues of their baby’s precious hands and feet.

7. Gift Certificate for Infant photos
Cost: Very High

Find a top-notch, high quality children’s photographer in the area, and purchase a gift certificate for a sitting and photos. This one is expensive, but the parents will really appreciate it. To find a reputable photographer, ask around for advice or search online. It’s a great gift!

8. Basket Full of Random Necessities
Cost: Medium to High

This is a fantastic idea that will be very handy for parents. Just find a cute basket or storage container and fill it with a variety of necessary baby items. Some ideas are batteries, infant tylenol drops, diaper rash cream, thermometer, nail clippers, lotion, baby wipes, toys, stain removal spray, shampoo, and something for mom like a Starbucks gift card. In a way, it will be a gift that keeps on giving!

9. Personalized ABC Book
Cost: Low

This one might be better for after the baby is born – perhaps as a Christmas gift. Just take a bunch of photos of words that start with every letter of the alphabet, or download them from the net, and organize them into a mini scrap book. Underneath each item write (or print on the computer) the name of the word and the letter it starts with. For example, “A is for Aunt Robyn”, “B is for Brother”, “C is for Car”, “D is for Dog”, etc. This will be a very memorable gift! Be sure to include a picture of the baby, perhaps under “M” for “me”. Don’t leave out the parents too!

10. Gift Certificate to a Paint-Your-Own Pottery Place
Cost: Medium

Most cities and larger towns have paint-your-own pottery studios where children can adults can decorate plates, bowls, ornaments, mugs and more. This is a great gift to have the babies foot prints or hand prints preserved. The can be made into cute artwork with the assistance of an artist. For example, you can create snowmen or reindeer out of the babies footprints, and place on a Christmas ornament. This is definitely a one-of-a-kind gift. To find one in the family’s area, just google their town/city’s name and “paint your own pottery” – hopefully a web-site to a location in their area will come up.

Don’t forget to check out Creative and Unique Baby Shower Baby Gifts for some more ideas.

Happy Shopping! Enjoy!


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