5 Unique and Creative Baby Shower Baby Gifts

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Baby gifts just as much fun to give as to receive!  Want to give a baby gift that is more than onesies and blankets? Looking for a one-of-a-kind baby gift? Do you desire a gift that shows how thoughtful you are? If you have a special baby in your life that’s soon to be born, or has already made his/her entrance in the world, here are 15 great gift ideas.

1.  Payment for a Parent and Child Class
Cost: Very High

Sometimes referred to as a “Mommy ‘n Me” or “Parent ‘n Tot” class, a gift certificate/payment to a Parent and Child course would be an excellent baby gift. This one’s pricey, but would be a fabulous present from the Grandparents, or a close relative or friend. There are several Parent and Child classes to consider. Here are some possibilities:

Music Together: This is an enriching music program where children are introduced to music through songs, dancing, and playing instruments. Music Together has been making children’s lives a little more musical since 1987. Visit their web-site, www.musictogether.com, for more details, to watch sample videos, and find a local teacher.

Kindermusik: Kindermusik is also an exceptional program. While Music Together mixes ages together (birth-age 5), Kindermusik offers classes for separate ages as well. Newborns and up enjoy being exposed to music through various activities such as waving scarves to the beat of a song. To find a local teacher, visit www.kindermusik.com.

Gymboree: You might recognize Gymboree as a children’s clothing store, but it is also connected to a “play and music” franchise where babies, toddlers and preschoolers can enroll in a variety of parent and child classes. Some courses include “Baby Signs” (infants learn sign language), “Mommy and Baby Fitness”, and “Happiest Baby Workshop.” Just click on their site, www.gymboree.com for additional information.

The Little Gym: The Little Gym is another outstanding program that specializes in parent and child classes. Children will develop fine motor skills, learn new techniques and socialize with other kids. Just visit www.thelittlegym.com to find a local teacher and learn more. 

Other Options:  There might other options for Parent and Child Classes in the mom and baby’s community.   Just search online, or visit www.cafemom.com and see if there is a local group in the area – then post a question on the message board, and hopefully someone will give you great advice on other classes.

2. Name/Date shoes
Cost: Medium

This is an adorable,  personalized gift.  You can purchase shoes from www.babyshoe.com that displays the infant’s first and middle name (or just first name, if you wish) on the sole of one shoe and his/her birth date on the sole of the other. They are excellent for photos, wearing to church, or just showing off. The baby’s mother will be thrilled to have such a unique gift. They can be saved as a memento for later on – perhaps used as cute Christmas ornaments!

3.  Personalized Cookbook
Cost: Low

If you have a lot of free time, and are knowledgeable on kid-friendly recipes, a personalized cookbook would be a very thoughtful gift. Visit a scrap-booking or arts and craft store to purchase a mini-scrapbook/photo album, and cute cooking themed stickers and decorations. Then select a handful (say 10-15) of kid-friendly recipes – either ones you know, or search online at sites such as a Recipezaar or All Recipes.  You might want to include a few fun recipes such as Scratch ‘n Sniff WaterColor Paints, Peanut Butter Playdough, Kool-Aid Playdough, Jello Playdough, and Homemade Fingerpaint. It is a very special gift, and – who knows – maybe it will become a family heirloom that the baby passes down to his/her children.

4. Coupon for Baby-Sitting
Cost: Free (Just your time and energy!)

This present is more reserved for family or very close friends. Offer to baby-sit the baby when he/she is a little older- perhaps for a night out, or even a weekend getaway. Be sure to create your own little coupon on the computer so they’ll have something tangible. This will be a very valuable and cherished gift!

5.   Diaper Cake
Cost: Medium to High

A Diaper Cake is a wonderful gift from shower hostesses, or from anyone. It is a collection of diapers, toys, and more formed into a 3-5 tier “cake”. You can make your own – read “How to Make a Diaper Cake” for instructions.   Alternately, you can order one from eBay, there are plenty of sellers that would be thrilled to ship one to you. It is a cute decoration for baby showers, and a gift the mom won’t forget.

These are just a few great baby gifts! Happy Shopping and Celebrating!


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