Water Conservation 101

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Yes it is true that water covers 75% of the earth. It is also true that most of it is not drinkable. We are so fixated on conserving other natural resources or solving our energy issues with various renewable energy sources that we overlook our shortage of water during drought seasons.

With our population expanding by leaps and bounds it won’t be long before we start hearing about water conservation. Many companies are already inventing products and taking steps to assist, and we should do our part as well.

Some of what I am about to tell you may see like common sense, but you would be surprised as to how many people actually look over the obvious either by choice or by not knowing that water conservation is very important.

Let’s start with running water in the house. When brushing your teeth you can conserve thousands of gallons a year by only running the water when you absolutely have to. When do you absolutely have to? When you are about to expectorate. If you really want to conserve you actually just turn on the water one time. Now that is discipline.

Next how about when it comes to bathing. Taking a shower uses far less water than a bath so there is one savings. When showering turn the water on to get wet so the soap will lather up. While “soaping” it up you can keep your shower off and then only turn it on when you are ready to rinse. It sounds cumbersome but so did separating your cans and bottles from your regular trash (if you were around before those days like me).

Moving over to the other part of your bathroom, the toilet, statistics show that 26% of water consumption gets flushed right down your toilet. You can help by adding a flapper to your toilet tank where you can actually set the water usage. I have installed one in my toilet and set it for the lowest amount of water to be used. If I find I need a little more water I just hold down the flushing handle until everything goes down.

Your dishwasher is another area where you can save some water. Today’s dishwashers (and no I don’t mean your kids), are built to use just the right amount of water and energy for optimal use. If you have an older model you want to consider investing in a new one. Only run your dishwasher when it is filled and use the correct setting. You can refer to your owner’s manual for that information. This same concept applies to your washing machine as well.

So there are some ideas you can start with to help conserve some water. These small changes can save thousands of gallons per year and if everyone followed them, they can save literally trillions of gallons of water per year.

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