Coping with the loss of a Loved One, Family Member, Friend to Cancer

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CelluphMarquis010-main_Thumb.jpg My love, my dear friend Sir Marquis – always with me

Things You’ll Need:

  • Camera
  • Empowerment
  • Hankies
  • Strength for both of you!

After the face slapping news, of the cancer that was attacking my friend, my dear sweet doggie, My Sir Marquis – I knew, most importantly, I must greive, but also be strong for him! But how? What could possibly help to ease the pain and suffering that I was feeling? Was I being selfish? No! I was hurting for us both. I would find a way to ease the pain. I had to, for him, for me! Litterally days have been spent blaming myself, for what I may have done differently to prevent this horrific nightmare. Even looking for a Doctor who would revive Marquis with a second, positive opinion. Consulting with my computer, reading and struggling to understand everything about this dread disease has helped to control my uncontrollable emotions.This is the first step in the healing process. Learning that Cancer is a breakdown of cells, that try as they may, cannot repair themselves. It is nothing that the human or the animal has done to become ill. In some cases, it is just an unfortunate, natural weakness in the immune-system. Therefore, STOP placing the blame upon yourself. Tis a difficult process to discontinue blaming yourself, which by the way is a natural defense mechanism. The key is to move on with positive thoughts for your loved one. It is NOT your fault that there is a cancer. Strength and support for him, are essential components to healing yourself. While it is understood that your friend is still suffering, your positive actions will be beneficial to the remainder of his well-being. Possibly extending time the two of you have, to share together. Positive attitude, positive action! This is a wonderful tool to ease the pain that you feel. Caring for your friend with diligence is vital to his health and state of mind. Armed with the knowledge of this, will begin the healing process and allow for the utmost care of your loved one. Knowing that you have treated him with this exact devotion since inception of your relationship, will go a long way to healing both your souls. It’s okay, bury your face in the pillow and cry! Cry like a baby. Mourning a loved ones impending demise is expected, and helps with the healing process.  Try your hand at poetry, or write about time spent with your friend, your feelings of loosing him or any subject with regard to him, also begins your healing. Whether your pen is eloquent matters naught. Rejoice in his life- Remembering the precious moments he has willingly and unselfishly spent with you. Take photographs of him. Snuggle him. Play gentle games with him. Never miss an opportunity to show or tell him, how beautiful he is, or most of all, just how much love you hold in your heart for him. Amazing results for diminshed suffering on your part.  Your tears for him, will eventually turn to happiness once again, as you remember your wondrous relationship shared. Coping with loss is never easy. Talk with your loved ones about your feelings. Read many items relating tothe torture you are feeling. this will contribute to the healing process and help to make you whole again. Godspeed my freind.

  • Refrain from upsetting your loved one
  • Love him as though nothing is changed
  • Keep him safe in your heart/mind
  • Animals have a sixth sense of feeling they know when you hurt too

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