If he is Unfaithful….Part Six

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There are women who really don’t care who their husband
is with, as long as it is not them.

This is because he may be BIB (bad in bed), no longer attracts her,
she may have a lover, or may be simply too busy for a man she has

The unconcerned wife is not as uncommon as one might believe.

He may have betrayed her before, and she has withdrawn her
affection. She may not be ready to leave or throw him out.

As long as he keeps his affairs out of her life, she goes on being ‘Mrs.’

She may ‘need’ a husband, (even in name only) to prevent annoyance
by other men who do not attract her.

She may have an exciting social/professional life that a ‘real’ husband
would detract from.

She may have her own love affair and so is happy that he is distracted.

In many cases, Husbands are totally unaware that their wife is unfaithful
because they are too busy being unfaithful.

It is only after the divorce, and the wife’s remarriage that he might learn
that she was having an affair for years.

In these cases, the wife has no intention of ‘finding’ out about his affair
because it doesn’t suit her.

In other cases, a dissatisfied wife might take his affair as ‘carte blanche’.
She would have let the marriage limp along, but now, knowing he is
unfaithful, she no longer is required, at least in her own mind, to treat him
as her husband.

In not every case of unfaithfulness is the wife devastated.


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