Throw a Party On a Shoestring Budget

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Cozy seating

  Things You’ll Need:

  • Fabulous friends
  • B.Y.O.alcoholBeverage
  • Laughter
  • Music
  • $25. – 30.00


Derive a list of folks to invite. Schedule to send invitations about two weeks prior to the event. E-vitations are quick and economical. For those who do not have e-mail access, give them a jingle on the tele. Encourage RSVP by phone.

textiles033_Thumb.jpg The menu is simple, yet appetizing. Shop for; soft cheese, hard cheese, peanut butter, potato and corn chips, popcorn, pretzels, crackers, nuts, celery, tomatoes, baby carrots, and grapes. Also, remember the soda pop, napkins, toothpicks, and ice.

textiles048_Thumb.jpg Swing open the cupboards, look for a variety of bowls and a platter. Spill the nuts, chips, pretzels, corn and crackers into larger vessels, while saving the smaller ones for the cheeses and butters. Wedge tomatoes and place onto platter with baby carrots, celery and grapes. Place the peanut butter on tray with veggies. This can also become the center piece for your table, counter top or buffet. For ease of access, relocate chairs, arrange trash receptacle, napkins, glasses and picks. Standing room only! Toss a few pillows, as well as a board game (checkers) onto the floor for a comfortable gaming area. Position a couple of chairs on either side of a window sill, will make a quaint setting for a few partiers. Time now for the host(ess) to mix a drink, grab a handful of snacks relax, enjoy the company of good friends and a beautiful evening. Party-goers are winding down. Bidding mates adieu. Thanking and complimenting the host(ess)for a wonderful evening. While proffering their coats, suggest that they might phone you upon arrival to their homes. Clean-up is a snap! While awaiting those “arrived safely home” calls, duty calls. Place crunchy food items into a plastic stowage bag, and bowls with cheeses into a separate bag for refrigeration and later use.  Everyone has graciously delivered the news of their safe arrival home – time to call it a successful night!


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