What’s in it for me?

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Why is it that someone has to have something in it for them before they will help someone else out? If more people would work together helping each other the world would be a much better place. Years ago folks went from home to home helping with the harvest or helping to build a home or barn. People worked together! People didn’t ask years ago “what is in it for me”? They worked together from dawn to dusk, one hand washed the other. If someone didn’t have, folks around made sure they did. If a family member was sick or hurt then people chipped in to help out that family by doing what ever was needed in order to hold that home together till things got better.

Christmases years ago were also much different than they are now as well! People made gifts for each other like cookies, blankets, breads as well as many other homemade items, folks would do special things for other folks as a Christmas gift. Yet today in today’s society folks want gifts that are bought, the more expensive the gifts are, the better they feel the gift is. I for one would rather have a homemade gift than any high priced gift in the world. It takes more effort and love to make a person a gift than it does to run to the store and buy something. A homemade gift is from the heart and usually made with a lot of thought and love!

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a little more kindness in the world? Wouldn’t it be nice to go back to the true values of Christmas and hold those values all year long? Wouldn’t it be nice to have families be families once again? 

Years ago there was no killing in the schools! Yes there were fights but no one brought guns and knives to school. It is a sad society when little boys aren’t allowed to even play with toy guns because there is so much violence in the world that folks feel that playing with toy guns will breed violence years later.

It is also sad when shopping means more than life itself! Isn’t it sad that a store employee was trampled to death by people so excited by shopping on Black Friday that they couldn’t even wait for the poor man to get the doors unlocked, open them and for him to get out of their way before many rushed in and trampled him to death just to shop. “Yea that is the kind of Christmas I sure want to look forward to every year”! I wonder how these people will feel when they open their gifts Christmas day? Will they remember they trampled someone to death just to get the gifts they wanted? Will they think of the family that has lost a family member out of stupidity? No gift in the world will bring happiness back to the family that has lost someone.

Lets turn over a new leaf! Lets start helping each other again! If you see someone in need “then help out that person” just don’t pass them by! “Try smiling instead of frowning”! It is easier to smile than it is to frown! Lets go back to wishing folks a Merry Christmas and stop being afraid of what others will say when you say “Merry Christmas”! Lets go back to working together instead of working against each other! Lets bring in the New Year in a good way with love and kindness, not unhappiness, hatred and killing! Lets make this world a better brighter place.

Can you, will you help out someone today to brighten their day? Goodness will come back to you if you reach out and give goodness! Remember to smile!

Merry Christmas to all and a very happy and joyous New Year!


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