How to make delicious chicken corn soup

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Chicken corn soup is one of the most famous and loved soups of our times. People always add a little tweak here and there to make it the way they like it. It is great to have in summer and winter alike. It also serves as a great remedy. If you have a mild or severe flu, some chicken corn soup will cure it right away.  Here is one recipe to make some delicious chicken corn soup.

Boil a medium sized chicken in a pot. Make sure the water is up to the level of chicken sitting in the pot. Add some salt and pepper. When the chicken is boiled, shred the meat with a knife or a shredder. For now, you can put the meat aside.

Cut some fresh tomatoes and put them in the boiling water from the original chicken. Let them boil for five minutes or so. Now using a dispenser, you should drop some egg white in it. When it settles down in the soup, you can add some fresh corn.  You can serve your soup by adding some salt, black pepper, vinegar, or soy sauce. 

Now, there are two things you can do with your chicken meat. You can add the shredded pieces to your soup you just prepared or you can put the meat in the cold chicken sandwiches you can make by mixing Mayonnaise with the chicken meat.  You can actually do both.  The sandwiches would be an excellent addition to your meal with nice hot chicken corn soup.


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