How to Become a More Positive Person

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Start a gratitude journal. Each night before bed try to write down at least 5 good things that happened that day. It can be as simple as someone letting you ahead in line at the store, someone opening a door for you when your hands were full, or maybe just a phone call from an old friend. Still convinced that nothing wonderful happened today? This is common at first. Start with the easy stuff like being thankful you made it to work in the terrible snow storm. Remember this journal is ONLY for positive encounters.

Make a list of things you accomplished in your life so far. Start small like learning to ride a bike or learning your ABC’s. It will seem silly at first but it will help open your mind to the greater things. Before you know it, you’ll remember getting a role in the school play, getting your first job and so on. Keep writing and soon you will see how much you’ve really done in your life.

Find assistance from a personal faith and join a church. You can make new friends and find people to pray with you about your concerns. There might even be people that can help you through because they’ve been there already. Try and stay away from toxic and negative friends and replace them with positive people.

Try to speak only encouraging words about yourself and others. Instead of saying, “I’m so ugly,” say, “I’m beautiful/handsome and worthy of love.” It might sound a little cheesy and you might have to fake it for awhile, but eventually being optimistic will come naturally to you.

Helpful Tips to remember…

Smile even if it’s fake at first.

Angry and negative emotions are contagious so be aware of people like this.

Things you’ll need

A journal


An open mind

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