How to Make Money as a Sales Associate in a Women’s Clothing Store

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If you are nothing else, be polite. No customer can tell your boss that you were rude, especially if he or she sees you being polite all the time. Rudeness is also the first thing that causes people to refuse your help. They may think you are stupid or simply don’t care. If you are work in a high-fashion store they will often have no problem telling you off or speaking to management.

Make suggestions, but be careful. If someone seems to be trying many different things on, bring some items to them that you think may have missed but might like. Don’t be ridiculous though, or they won’t trust your opinion the next time. Make sure you know their size, preferred colors and specific dislikes. 

Pay attention to every word. When a customer tells you something, remember it. Did she mention a vacation she is going on in a month? If you remember that she said this when she comes in again, you will impress her and make a bigger sale by already knowing what she wants.

Be attentive. If she is in the dressing room, make sure to check on her and see if she needs anything, but don’t be pushy. If she is fine with what she is trying, you can always ask to remove things she didn’t like.

Be honest. When someone asks if something looks hideous, tell them the truth, but don’t be so blunt. Say something like, “I don’t think that cut is as flattering as it could be. I have something that might work better.” When you are honest, people will respect you more the next time you voice an opinion. If you try to force someone into buying an item, you run the risk of them distrusting your opinion and possibly returning the item ( if they buy it all!).

Know your product. If someone asks you what colors you have a dress in, you should know. If you don’t, go and look. They can fault you for not knowing but not for being uncaring. NEVER lie. If they find you were wrong, you will be immediately lowered in their eyes.


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