The greatest invention of the last 50 years

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Within the last 50 years several things were invented but it was one that changed the world forever: the invention of the personal computer or, as it is widely known today, the pc.

It consists of two parts, the hardware, which is all the devices that are connected to the pc and the software, all the programs that help the user ‘communicate’ with the pc and operate the system appropriately. In general, a pc is a machine that helps people do their jobs fast and easy because it can analyse data in a few seconds and give the results without any cost.

This is the reason why people nowadays use PCs more and more often, in every situation and can’t proceed without them in any domain in their lives. Everything is based on computers. For example, all our personal details and relevant information is saved on a computer. Furthermore, the devices of life support in hospitals are sub-category of the operations of a computer. The devices on aeroplanes are controlled by a computer system. Even the ATMs have a computer database.

Our dependency on computers is so big that we can’t even imagine our lives without them. If computers didn’t exist, in my opinion our lives wouldn’t be so easy. For instance, public servants would have to write all the information in books and remember in which book every citizen is being catalogued. All the patients in hospitals would have a difficult time recovering from their injuries because they wouldn’t have the appropriate supporting equipment.

In general, the invention of the computer was, in my opinion, the greatest invention of the second half of the 20th century. It helped the world move on and made people see what they had ever imagined.


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