How to use the lunar cycle to track menstrual cycles.

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Step 1:

Men: Note what phase the moon is in when the woman in question is on her period. Women: When you are due to get your period begin to notice the phase of the moon. Pay special attention to the phase on the first day of your period.

Step 2:

In approximately 28 days the moon will be entering the same phase and the menstrual cycle will be in sync for the first couple of months.

Step 3:

Because biological processes are non-linear this means that there will be a variation in the menstrual cycle by days or in some cases a week or more. This will gradually throw the cycle into a new lunar phase.

Note: There are a couple of benefits to having a lunar based calendar. Perhaps one of the most curious artifacts is that a particular phase of the moon may match up with a woman’s menstrual cycle. This is because the lunar cycle is 28 days and a woman’s cycle is approximately the same length.

Again, you should note that every woman is different and may not menstruate as regularly as other women.

Although the Moon’s orbit has played a dramatic role in the evolution of life and mating cycles of many animals at current there is no data to indicated a cause and effect relationship between the phases of the Moon and the menstruation of a woman. This article should simply be seen as a way to use the Moon as a natural time keeper.


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