Tropical White Sangria Punch

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Mix one bottle of fruity white wine (I like Chardonnay) in a glass pitcher or bowl with half a cup of orange liquor and half a cup of pineapple flavored rum. Sounds great already, doesn’t it? I’ve suggested common brands of liquor above, but you can use your favorite.

Next, I peel an orange using a knife so I can remove all the bitter white pith. Cut it into wedges and then chop the wedges in half. Take some pineapple (from a can is fine if you don’t have a fresh one, just drain it first). Cut the pineapple into pieces about the same size as the orange chunks. Add it all into your pitcher.

Cover the pitcher with some cling wrap. Put it in the fridge for a few hours so that all the flavors mingle and the punch gets nice and cold. Serve it up so that all your guests get some orange and pineapple pieces in their cup.

Remember to drink responsibly people! You don’t want to get drunk and then spill your drink all over your friend’s carpet, because then you’ll just never hear the end of it. Also be a responsible host. Stop serving alcohol about an hour before your party is scheduled to end. Don’t let any of your friends leave if they’ve had too much to drink.


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