How to Build a Time Machine.

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Step 1:

MalletsRingLaser_Thumb.jpg The time machine set up. Place the silvered mirror and the three mirrors so that they form a square with the mirrors at the vertices.

Step 2:
Aim the laser at the silvered mirror and fire it up.

Step 3:
The silvered mirror should split the beam, allowing the laser’s light to travel along the edges of the square.

Step 4:
Shoot your neutron into the center of the square created by the laser light.

Step 5:
You should be able to observe the neutron rotating in the center of the square. This should be due to the frame dragging of the test particle. The space the particle is sitting in is being stirred by the laser ring and the particle in turn is dragged with the rotation. Like a coffee bean floating on a coffee being stirred by a spoon.

Step 6:

A temporal hallway. For better results use more lasers and mirrors to create a “cylinder” along which the neutron can travel and be observed spiraling through.

Step 7:

How this works: For a video check out my blog where Dr. Mallet describes and presents the machine. For the brave you can find the actual papers at: and or read on and I’ll try my best to explain what’s happening.

Step 8:

We are all familiar with the equation E=mc^2. What this equation is is a phrase relating Energy and matter with the speed of light. Energy (light, heat, etc.) is proportional to mass: matter, you, me, atoms, etc. General relativity states that matter tells space how to bend and space tell matter how to move. Dr. Mallet’s brilliant idea was to realize that if E= mc^2 then, through General Relativity (GR), we can replace the word matter with light (Energy). Light can tell space how to bend – and if we control the light we can control how space bends!

Step 9:

Einstein tied together space and time into space-time. That means you can’t have one without the other. Think of time travelling forward as a straight line. If space is warped then time is warped accordingly. If you stir up space,like a spoon stirring coffee, then you cause time to bend into itself forming a loop. This loop in time is time travel!

Step 10:

The machine can only allow particles, and one day people, to travel back in time only to when the machine was first turned on. So, you won’t be able to see Stonehenge being built anytime soon unless they had a machine like this running too (not very likely)!


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