How to Open a Macbook Pro

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There are 21 screws that need to removed before you can open the Mac Book Pro. Four screws on either side (8 total), 2 in the back on the side of each hinge. 4 on the undercarriage just underneath the hot air vents, 2 on the inside side wall of the track pad, 3 on the silver RAM cover and 2 screws in the RAM assembly. We’ll remove all of these in the following steps.

Unplug the power to the laptop. Lay a cloth down so you can place your Mac Book Pro upside on it (to keep it from getting scratched by the table). Now remove the battery. There should now be no power in the laptop.

Begin by removing the top 4 screws underneath the side closest to the hinges. You’ll need a precision Phillipp’s head size 00 to do this.

Now with the battery removed you can see the depression with the plastic cover. Above that on the side wall should be 2 small screws going into the side of the body. Remove these with the Phillipp’s 00.

Silver cover with one of the 3 screws sitting on top. There should now be a silver cover with 3 screws left. Remove these three screws.

Exposed Ram Modules. Notice the drawing on the right. This is the instruction for removing the RAM modules. You may find it necessary to remove the RAM modules. With the RAM modules exposed remove the modules. If you aren’t sure how you can see my e-How article “How to upgrade your Mac Book Pro’s Ram”. Also, the backside of the M.B.P. has instructions.

Now there should be 2 Torx screws left on either side of the module holder. Remove these with the Torx screwdriver

Plastic Cover with 2 electrical tape connections to keyboard and track pad. It may be necessary to disconnect the keyboard and track pad connections to open the M.B.P. You’ll want to do this if you need to change the keyboard (another article I will put up later on). Otherwise you should be O.K. avoiding this step. If you still want to know how to do this, read on. You’ll want to remove the plastic cover with the two electrical tapes running under it. Gently pry the plastic cover off. Now pull the tapes out of their sockets. There will be no clips in the sockets – simply pull.

When replacing this make sure the tapes are flush in the sockets and are gently taught. Then place the plastic cover over them – there will be enough left over adhesive to stick back (don’t superglue this!). The plastic should hold the tapes taught.

Now we’re ready to flip the Mac Book Pro right side up. Go ahead and do that.

2 screws on the left side of the M.B.P relative to the track pad. On both sides of the Mac Book Pro along the top there will be 4 screws (8 in all). They are all Phillipp’s size 00. Remove those and then rotate the Mac Book so that you are facing the back hinges.

Right hinge screw Near the hinges there will be 2 more screws. Remove these.

You can now gently and slowly lift the top cover containing the keyboard up and away from the bottom.

Be careful! The keyboard is still connected to the motherboard via a second electrical tape! Pulling to fast might damage this connection or may stress the motherboard!

You might need to use a small screw driver to help along with the prying.

Gently peel back the orange colored tape on top of the connection holding the electrical tape connection into the socket on the motherboard. Gently lift the electrical tape away from the motherboard connection. The entire top panel should now completely come off. Your M.B.P. should now be open and allow you physical access to your hard drive, blue tooth transceiver, and everything else. Congrats you got through it!

To put your M.B.P back together simply follow all the steps in reverse.


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