What’s the Right Age to Marry?

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Getting your M.R.S. degree in college is a rare occurrence these days, as fewer and fewer couples across the United States are marrying in their 20s, according to recent census data. Is it better to tie the knot when you’re young, or live life more before getting hitched?

“Young is more fun.”
My husband and I married when I was 23, he 20. We’ve grown up with our children, and we forget sometimes that we’re parents, not a couple of kids ourselves. But that’s the high point of marrying and having children young: You get to play them when you still feel like playing!
Michelle Dean, 35, Ellijay, GA

I believe it’s been easier in many ways to have married so young. I was 20 and my husband was 19. Neither of us was stuck in our ways. We moved from our parents’ homes to our marital home, so we were used to compromise-and used to telling someone where we would be if we were going to be late!
Elizabeth Balentine, 23, Kansas City, MO

“Older is wiser.”
It’s important to wait until you have a career so you’re not dependent on someone else to provide for you. When I got married, I had a stable job and was able to concentrate on my husband and our marriage, instead of juggling a new career and trying to find myself. It was nice knowing that we had both brought something to our marriage.
Darlene Fletcher, 39, Phoenix

I just got married and I’m glad I waited. I have a greater understanding of myself and the things I want out of life. You have to know yourself and what makes you happy before you can expect someone else to make you happy.
Jennifer Starr, 36, Columbus, OH


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