Reduce Your Use of Plastic Shopping Bags

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Years ago granny used to drag with her to the grocery store her own shopping bags to reuse instead of getting new ones. This way she didn’t have this overload of bags she had no use for. Then at some point along the way it became easier to just keep stock piling these bags as later generations felt it was too “cumbersome” to bring older bags back to the store with them.

Today the plastic bags you see at your supermarket and other stores are made in part by oil. Yes oil, actually petroleum. As with most plastics are, in order to make them you need petroleum to do so.

Eventually, seeing the need, most supermarkets put out a large box so you can bring back your old bags to recycle them. Sure that helps but you still have to recycle them using even more oil.

Most stores now offer for sale reusable bags made of cloth or other material for a very low cost. Some stores even include some coupons inside the bag to offset the cost of the bag.

In my supermarket these bags cost $1.99 a piece. I own 7 of them. So for a grand total of $13.93 plus tax I am able to eliminate the use of over 364 bags per year and that is just the bags I would use for my groceries. With the included coupons inside the bags, and the nickel per bag discount my supermarket gives me, over time I will eventually recoup my bag costs through savings on my groceries. However I am not worried about that part, I am just pointing that out just in case you might be.

Now imagine if each person in this country did the same thing. With roughly 200 million shoppers, you would cut down the use of nearly 73 billion plastic bags! That’s a lot of savings on cost for the supermarkets, and the need for petroleum based bags.

Take the steps today if you have not already, to start using reusable cloth bags for your shopping needs. They are affordable, come in many styles and colors, and they are the right thing to do.

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