Product Review: The Fun and Smart Blackberry Curve

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The Blackberry Curve is in the category of high-tech gadgets called smart phones. As opposed to a typical cell phone, the smart phone boasts an entire range of handy features to organize your busy lifestyle. At the same time, they provide a world of fun and excitement with the ability to download games, ringtones, software, and other entertaining applications.

Blackberry Curve: First Impressions
The very first thing you notice about the Blackberry Curve is its sleek, stylish, curvaceous appearance sporting a full QUERTY keyboard, clean lines, and trackball navigation. The Blackberry curve comes in a variety of colors including pink, red (sunset), and titanium.

Multimedia Features of the Blackberry Curve
The Blackberry Curve is the first BlackBerry phone to feature an enhanced media player and Bluetooth stereo headset compatibility. Listen to your favorite music on the Blackberry Curve’s MP3 player. Enjoy seeing silly pictures of your friends when they call you with Photo Caller ID. Talk to your friends hands-free with Bluetooth; also enjoy voice-activated dialing.

For some spontaneous picture-snapping, the Blackberry Curve’s on-board digital camera with flash and zoom produces crisp, clear pictures that you can instantly share with your friends. If you’re an avid Blackberry Curve photog, take heart; the Curve features a microSD memory slot to store additional pictures and to download videos, music, and other media.

Also a first on the Blackberry Curve is an e-mail spellchecker to ensure editorial accuracy. E-mails to Aunt Betty aren’t as high on the scale of importance; but typing “Tank you” instead of “Thank you” when contacting the hiring manager at company you hope to work for is not a mistake you want to make.

Surfing the Internet Wirelessly
The most notable feature of the smart phone is the freedom to hop on the internet and surf at will in virtually any location on the globe via a wireless internet technology dubbed, Wi-Fi . Indeed, smart phones are truly becoming nearly as robust and full-featured as your desktop computer, only with a smaller LCD display.

One of the coolest features of the Blackberry Curve is TeleNav Maps. Through hand or spoken instructions, TeleNav Maps shows you your location, provides driving directions, and also allows you to find businesses and hot spots around town.

Other useful Blackberry Curve features include:

  • Conferencing, speakerphone, and voice activated dialing
  • Ability to operate the Blackberry Curve in over 125 countries via global voice and data roaming
  • USB 2.0 connectivity
  • Internal 312 MHz processor
  • BlackBerry instant messaging

The Blackberry Curve comes with a compact wall charger, USB data cable, earbud headset, and a lithium ion battery. Accessorize your Blackberry Curve with various color skins, pouches, totes, and headsets.

Notes and Disclaimers:

  • Because of the rapid pace of technological improvement, technical specifications for the Blackberry Curve vary depending on model. For example, the Blackberry Curve 8330 features GPS positioning and 96 MB Flash Memory/32 MB RAM.
  • Wi-Fi internet connectivity varies by plan.
  • Prices vary depending on your selected plan.

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