Fall in Love with Your Work

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Fall in love with your work. Work is never going to be synonymous with play. Heck, that’s why they pay you.

Tap into your talents
Bonnie and Teresa had always loved jewelry, but it wasn’t until the duo started helping their friends pick out the perfect baubles that they realized what they were doing was not only fun-it could be also be viable business. “Uncover your own skills by noticing what tasks you love to do,” says Teresa. Do you lose track of time when you’re scrapbooking? Do you actually look forward to organizing your closets? Once you know your strengths, meet with your manager to figure out ways to capitalize on them-or scout a new work environment where you can maximize these talents.

Build relationships
“You’ll never know who might inspire you to perform your best work,” says Bonnie. Invite a cube mate to lunch or ask a coworker what she thought of last night’s Brothers and Sisters. Start your day with a  smile, to brighten up you day. Remember this: “smile, and the world smile with you.”

Keep your skills sharp
By networking, updating your resume, or researching your dream job regularly, you can sync your goals with your current duties. If you hone the skills that you really enjoy-whether it’s interacting with customers or coming up with marketing plans-you’ll be fueling your passion daily and ready to pounce when the right opportunity arises.


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