How to Install a Handicap Accessible Exterior Door

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This is a weekend job so plan ahead of time and have some help , the work is not that challenging. 

(Step1)Make sure entrance between the inside flooring and outside are level ,if they are not add a piece of scrap wood. Next use the silicon caulk to attach flashing to the threshold (in this case plastic threshold is being used.(plastic threshold will make a more smooth transition for wheelchairs.

(Step3)Set the door in place;have someone help you when setting the door in the doorframe.You will probably need one person on the inside and the other on the out with you.Set door in frame by tipping the top of door out and away from frame,then set the bottoom of door in threshold. On the inside;center the door into opening ,making sure that space between the door jam and door are even on both sides,next add shims to gaps on inside of door,while the door is being shimmed make sure it is level.

When door is level drive a few nails through the brick mold and into the door jam (this is to hold the door in place while it is being secured)therefore it is easier on you and keeping the door from tipping. (FINAL)drive screws through the jam,shims,and studs,add lockset when finished.

Things You’ll Need:

  • scrap wood/excess siding
  • silicon caulk
  • caulk gun
  • plastic threshold
  • door
  • level
  • nails
  • shims
  • drill
  • screws
  • door levered lock set

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