This season brings SAD ones

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First create a stable enviornment (reducing stressful situations), take over the household duties and try to get the person who is experiancing the depression on a normal and constant schedule, so that they know what to expect daily.Mention daily how important that person is to you and the people around them (show some love),there world has become distorted and they may feel helpless and useless.

LISTEN,this is very important.Understanding why your loved one feels this way may give you more insight on how to help them .While listening do not judge or interupt (just listen).Dont ask the person to just snap out of it.Depression is real and can be very dangerous for the person with it and those around them;they cannot just stop it or they would not have it (no one wants to be depressed).

Encourage them to get out and be more active.Start off by going for a walk ,just make sure the person is not alone,isolation will make things worse.
This type of depression is more evident in people who live in areas where it snows for the winter season will have a decrease in sunlight,women,people between ages 15-55,and people who have close relatives with this condition.

You will know if you have SAD if (you were depressed last year during the same season and haven’t gotten better or if you have symptoms such as over or under eating, gaining weight and sleeping more. Some treatments are light therapy; there are two types bright light treatment where you sit in front of a light box for half an hour or more most likely in the morning. There is also (Dawn simulation)a dim light will be turned on in the morning while you are still asleep and gets brighter over time “like sunrise”.

Antidepressant can also be subscribed. You should also take vitamin Dmag-glass_10x10.gif , this is what we normally get from the sun and a your body lacks the same amount of vitamin D that it would normally have, therefore changing the chemicals in your body. The most common anti depressants used are Citalopram,Sertaline,Fluxetine.


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