Winterize the things that matter most

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Block your AC ducts;if they are not being used by your heating systemmag-glass_10x10.gif or even when the air is off.Drafts will find there way through dormant ducts use (magnetic register covers)to fix this problem. Use smoke to stop cold air leaks,by using an incense stick.Take a smoldering incense stick and put it toward the edges of windows & doors.(when there is a draft the smoke will rise like normal(fix it with caulk, on the inside and out)

(Seal your attic)make sure that any access doors are’nt opened or cracked, try installing door sweeps to block off unheated areas.Another thought is to purchase large plastic (enough to cover your windows)use clear tape to tape the plastic over the windows (this will definitely stop any drafts) Make sure that if your chimney is not being used it is closed.You can also (install insulation pads)buy and install special insulation pads if you have no problem unscrewing plastic plates covering switches and sockets.They help block cold air drafts that can be felt around electrical outlets. WINTERIZING YOUR SHOES 1To get rid of salt lines that show up on your leather shoes after they dry you can use desalting products,but it is more convienent to take care of them at home with white vinegar and water.Dab the shoes then rinse with water make sure to let them dry away from radiators/heaters,it makes them turn brittle. You can erase ugly scuffs on your leather shoes by being gental (dip a cloth in water and baking soda and rub gently.As for rubber boots you can follow the same process just use baking soda (this can also work on wood or composite heels that are covered in leather. When working with suede quickly rub off overall dirt with an eraser/an emery board will do the trick . To unflatten the suede scrub it with a clean toothbrush or cloth.Overall make sure to spray your shoes with a water repelent.


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