Thinking of Being a Photographer?

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You’ve tinkered with Dad’s old-school Polaroid, and you’re saving up for that Lomo you saw at Greenbelt. Up and coming Photographer RJ Fernandez clues you in on what every newbie photographer should have.

The Ability to Multi-Task
Photography isn’t just about pointing and shooting. Photographers have to do several things at the same time: wait for Polaroids, talk to models, make sure your lights pop, as well as focus on the actual shoot.

A Good eye for Images
A good eye doesn’t have to be inborn; it can be self-taught. Look through photo books, fashion magazines, and design books. Good starter materials are Ways of Seeing by John Berger and Photography and Fascination by Max Kozloff.

The Willingness to Let it Go
You have to be willing to sacrifice financial stability because work is mostly freelance. The influx of jobs is never steady, and weeks can go by without any actual work. This little sacrifice has big rewards though— it affords you the time to travel and work on your art.

Love for New Experiences
Photographers are always on the go—traveling, meeting new people, and constantly making memories.

A Thirst for Creative Expression
Photographers are always creating images, challenging the way people see things, and provoking questions through these images.

An Addiction to your Camera
Photographers are always glued to their cameras—whether it’s an old SLR or your handy dandy I-Zone. The best way to prepare for photography as a career is to start shooting. The next thing to do would be to learn the actual basics: how to process and print black and white, for example, before moving on to digital.

A Unique Style
It may take a while for you to develop your own style, but if your pictures have a certain feel as early as now, then you may have the makings of a great photographer.


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