Christmas mouse treat with candy can

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This is an easy treat that you and your children’s can doand give them to they friends at school, family, neighbors and any people. this is an is inexpensive treat that kids will enjoy; only a take few minutes to made them and you will have fun and enjoy with your little ones.

You can use as a treat for children or to decorate the Christmas tree



  • Red foamy
  • Pink foamy
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Knife
  • Hot glue
  • Black marker
  • And candy cans

Step 1

You will need the templates*, trace an oval (5 in.), and trace two smalls ovals (1 ½ in.) for the ears in color red, trace 2 more small oval in pink (3/4 in.)

  • If you will make a quantity I recommend trace the molds in cardboard

Step 2

Trace the temples in the foamy with a pencil and cut them with the scissors

Step 3

Use the hot glue and put the ears together (the pink and the red smalls oval)

Step 4

In the big oval with the black marker put the eyes and the whiskers

With the knife you will make cuts in the end of the oval and insert the candy can

Step 5

In the other end, upper of the eyes make a cross cut and insert the ears; after insert the ears in the body, turn over and put hot glue to hold the ears in place

** You can do in other color if you find the candy cans in other color**


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